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The business idea for the entrepreneur company INEXSO was founded at the "Entrepreneur competition - Startup Weekend" in october 2015 at Incuba Navitas in Aarhus, Denmark. A solution was sought to solve the disadvantages and problems related to the exchange of physical keys. A task that today solely may be solved "securely" by handing over the key person-to-person.

The rocket speed in developing the concept for a solution, is duely noticed in the Danish venture and "company start-up" entrepreneur environment in Denmark as the team rolled out a first functioning prototype for solving this problem in just a few weeks.

The 34 year old "Serial entrepreneur" Kasper Hessellund Hansen and his partner, the 22 year old IT developer and engineer student Ásgeir Gunnarsson together with the rest of the team, passed from business idea through company establishment, funding, design, prototype development and productline setup in exceptional haste.

The result of the effords is amazing:

"INEXSO was started and during the last few months, million size fundings was secured which ensures a possibility to hit selected marked segments for pilot testing during the summer of 2016 while we compleded the first prototypes to ensure the functionallity of the project - this will help us in testing as well the product as the various potential marked segments", Kasper proudly states.

INEXSO key values

1. Security

Our key exchange boxed meets the requirements from as well insurance companies and the EN-standards. This ensures that you may safely deposit your keys and other valuables.

2. Service

Our primary purpose is to ensure happy and satisfied customers. Our personal customerservice is open 24/7/365.

3. Quality

Quality materials are used for any and all elements to ensure prolonged lifetime and an aesthetic expression. Production is "made in Denmark" to ensure high quality.

Do you wish to participate in the pilot project?

We are looking for companies that wish to participate as pilots in testing our future product - "The intelligent Key-exchange safe".

If this is of your interest, or you wish to know more details, feel free to contact us on +45 2594 9698